Sports Suitable For Patients With Hypertension

The risk of hypertension in a person in developing countries is quite surprising: 90 percent and continues to rise with the factors such as obesity, diabetes, and hiperlipidemia.

In addition to eating foods healthy, exercising also very important for patients hypertension. Exercising could reduce systolic pressure and diastolik by those with age in middle aged and also those who have high blood pressure light. Though he said, exercising would not be significant lowering blood pressure in people with that experienced severe hypertension.

Several important things about the kinds of sports for patients high blood pressure is as follows:

A kind of a sport that effectively lowered blood pressure with moderate intensity aerobic sport is (approximately 70-100  heart beats per minute)

The frequency of the drill between three and five times a week, with long exercise 20-60 minutes a exercise.

Such sports as a walk or jog, that is carried out during the 16th week of will reduce levels of a hormone norepinephrine ( noradrenalin ) in the body namely a substance secreted the nervous system could raise blood pressure.

Before starting the sport, specifically for patients with hypertension there are some things that must be considered.

For patients with hypertension, blood pressure factors holding an important role in determining whether exercising may, measure and kind of sports. The following are things that need attention before deciding to exercising:

Patients controlled hypertension without or with drugs beforehand, so that the pressure of systolic blood did not exceed 160 mmhg and pressure diastolik not exceed 100 mmhg.

Before exercising, need to get the information on the cause of hypertension.

Before exercise, patients with hypertension better do trainer heart test beforehand so that reaction can be assessed blood pressure and changes the electrical activity of the heart, and assessed the physical capacity. Based on the results of a test of the heart, trainer a dose of exercise can be given accurately.

At the time the trainer of the heart should be a drug that is being drunk still passed on, so can be known to increase the burden of the effectiveness of drugs.

Exercises undertaken to increase endurance ( endurance ) and not allowed to add to the increase in pressure ( pressure ). A sport that right is a way to foot, cycling gymnastics and swimming or sport aerobic.

Sports competition, are not allowed to because emotions that will spur the increase in blood pressure. So also by the increasing strength like some heavy lifting.

Blood pressure regularly checked before and after exercise. Sport in patients with hypertension determined not only by a heartbeat, but also based on the reaction of his blood pressure.

If in the results showed that the decrease in the exercise of the blood pressure, then a dose of medicine that is given should reduced ( adjustment ).

The condition of patients with hypertension medically different with the healthy person. For it, sports also need to be done specifically. The training should be gradual and should not impose himself. Movement with the intensity of light can be done slowly according to their.

Apart from exercising, you can also consume irbesartan, that is an antihypertensive drug the angiotensin receptor blockers. The drug works by blocking a bond between an angiotensin II receptor AT-I with, so hamper the effect of angiotensin II and a decline in blood pressure. The use of irbesartan doctor requires a prescription. Be sure to follow the recipe and direction suggested by a doctor according to the condition of your health.